Monday, October 22, 2007

Making Wood

Steve and I spent two days last week "making wood" at the farm. We heat our cabin with two wood stoves, including a wood-burning cook stove we use for some of our cooking when we are there. Nothing beats bacon and eggs sizzling in a cast iron skillet heated by a wood stove.

I mentioned our "making wood" project to someone the other day who promptly corrected me. She said, "Trees make wood; people chop wood." I didn't argue with her. Never thought of it before, but"making wood" is likely country talk in the same category as "making hay."

The old timer says: "Those who heat with wood stoves are twice warmed."

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Jeanne Engle said...

I learned that lesson about being twice warmed when I lived in an old house in the country a few years ago and we had TWO wood stoves. While I no longer have a home with a wood stove, I do enjoy making the kindling for the fire when we go camping!