Thursday, January 10, 2008

Winter Reading

With short and cloudy days, and long, dark nights, it's a great time to do some winter reading. How about pulling off the shelf Aldo Leopold's A SAND COUNTY ALMANAC.

I first read the book back in the 1950s, and I still read sections from it every so often. For instance, we've just had a January thaw. Leopold writes, "Each year, after the midwinter blizzards, there comes a night of thaw when the tinkle of dripping water is heard in the land. It brings strange stirrings, not only to creatures abed for the night, but to some who have been asleep for the winter." How nicely said.

The Old Timer Says: "January is for slowing down and reflecting, for considering the year that has passed and anticipating the year that is beginning."

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Kyle White said...

Just read a Bill Berry (my old journalism professor) review of your new book in the Portage County Gazette. So I looked up your blog. Nice. I look forward to regular reading. I am a fan of Leopold's as well. Something I wrote last year: