Monday, February 18, 2008

Snow and More Snow

The snow keeps piling up. A new storm every three days it seems. And none of these wimpy "dustings." Three inches, four inches, ten inches, a foot. Serious snow.

When I was a kid on the farm, such fun we had during the snowy days of winter--skiing, sleding. And the not so fun part. Shoveling paths to the pump house, to the chicken house, to the granary, to the barn, to the straw stack, and how could I forget, to the outhouse that on these winter days was as cold as an ice house.

The Old Timer Says: "These snowy days are great days for reading a book."


Anonymous said...

Great...makes me homesick, except for the part about the outhouse!!

Dennis said...

It sounds like you have acclimated to the cold already and those fourteen days in the caribbean sun are just a fleeting memory.

Still no snow in FLA.

Your tabelmate,


Anonymous said...

Hi Jerry- My Brother Tom who has been my farming partner for over 40 years recently asked me if I ever heard of Jerry Apps. I said sure and that I remembered reading his short stories in the Waushara Argus years ago.He said he had a book written by you that his daughter had given him for Christmas that I might enjoy reading.While I'm not a big book reader, more magazines and newspapers, I told him I'd give it a try. The book was titled, Every
farm Tells A Story. It worked for me because I could just open it up and start reading, front, back anywhere,kind of like I do with the farm papers. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed all the stories from your youth.Even though, the way I have it figured, I was about 12 years behind you in age, the stories are much the same. I was happy to see someone else had a Plymoth that wouldn't start when it was warm. Ours was a 1955 with a flat head six. The farm was a great place for a boy to grow up and that really hasn'changed, but the number of kids that get to experience farm life has. I grew up on a dairy farm, started my farming career as a dairy farmer, but after 10 years switched to cash cropping. In some ways it is kind of sad to think that the farms that my brother and I farm used to be ten dairy farms.Those old dairy farms did a lot more than just produce milk. Thanks again-----John