Sunday, March 30, 2008

Crocuses and Aldo Leopold

I raked the wet and matted leaves from the flower bed yesterday and there they were. Tiny crocus flowers welcoming the sunlight and announcing spring. Fearless. Predictable. Comforting to see.

Aldo Leopold wrote: "One swallow does not make it summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of a March thaw, is the spring."

What are the signs of spring for you?

The Old Timer Says: "When you hear a flock of geese winging northward, look upward. See the grace and beauty, cooperation and respect. And recognize the faith these birds have in seasonal change."

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matt said...

Signs of spring for me are the tulips coming out by our house... unfortunately, every year we are impatient to get them out and we pull them too early--so only about 1/10 of them actually have flowers.

At least they are green though!

Anonymous said...

Signs of spring, later spring the Killdeer come back. Most years around eastertime the killdeer are building their nest on the ground in some bark mulch that I have around some trees that line our long driveway. I have not seen a single Killdeer yet and why would I? There is not a stitch of ground or a blade of brown grass to be seen anywhere today so the bird can build. Sometimes on easter the bird is already sitting on eggs. When you get to close to her I imagine her red eye getting bigger and more red and when too much pressure is put on her she will leave her nest with a call that says "emergency intruder!" and maybe she will fake a injured wing to distract you from her nest.

Anonymous said...

Though I think not a typical sign of spring, freeing my chickens from a winter in the coop is a sign of spring for me. As long as there is snow cover I can open the coop and my birds will not venture out. But as the ice flow leaves the yard, they will venture out to a small brown patch of dirt to scratch, and as the more snow thaws the brown spots get larger and my chickens venture farther from their house.

Anonymous said...

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