Monday, August 18, 2008

Rose Bush

A tough old rose bush grows at the corner of my cabin at the farm. I planted it more than thirty years ago. Not once have I sprayed it, dusted it, or covered it for the winter. It's a little shaggy around the edges and prickly enough so no rabbit, deer or other critter comes near it.

Best of all, it begins blooming in the spring and blooms all summer without any attention whatever. It attracts bees and old farmers who stop and look--and yes, stick their noses up close to the red blossoms as the flowers smell like I think a rose should.

My rose is a bit like some people I know--a little shaggy around the edges, but dependable and require little attention. And are a joy to have around.

The Old Timer says: "Get yourself one of those old fashioned rose bushes--and take time to enjoy it."

Coming Events:

September 10, 7:00 PM Presentation and Book Signing, Borders West, Madison. In A Pickle.

September 11, 7:00 PM Presentation and Book Signing. Mineral Point Historical Society, Opera House, Mineral Point, WI. "Stories From the Land."

September 13, Saturday. One-day writing workshop at The Clearing. A few slots still open. Call 1-877-854-3225 for further information.

September 20, Saturday, 2:00 PM Monroe Cheese Days. Presentation and Book Signing.

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