Monday, September 22, 2008

Schumacher Farm

Yesterday Ruth and I attended Schumacher Farm's Heritage Fest. The farm, a Dane County Park but once an operating farm, is located just east of Waunakee, WI.

I had the difficult task of serving as a judge for their pie contest. Thankfully, I could rely on the other judges--Roberta Bauman, editor of the Waunakee Tribune and Karen Crossley, Dane County Cultural Affairs--who seemed to know what they were doing.

After wading through nine pies, that's right nine of them ranging from green tomato to several apple pies, cranberry, chocolate, rhubarb and still more, we discussed, compared, tasted a little more and declared a cranberry nut pie the winner.

I avoided stepping on the scale this morning.

The Old Timer says: "You can have your pie and eat it, too."


October 4, 10-2:00 Dregne's, Westby, WI Book Signing.

October 5, Book Festival, Edgerton, WI Library Presentation and book signing.

October 7,7:00 PM. Barnes and Noble West, Madison. Launch for OLD FARM.

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