Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colorado Garden

My Colorado grandsons, Christian (11) and Nicholas (9), watched carefully by their sister, Elizabeth (5) planted a vegetable garden back of their Avon, Colorado home last week. In between rain showers.

Avon, elevation above sea level about 7,500 feet and a growing season of about 65 days, presents special challenges to the gardener. Frost is a danger until about the middle of June. Autumn frosts start by mid-August.

For that narrow window of growing season we planted lettuce, radishes, green beans, carrots and a few other cool weather crops and hoped for the best as this will be the kids’ first vegetable garden.

For a Midwesterner, the Colorado soils are a mystery to me. I bought an inexpensive soil testing kit at the local Home Depot and Christian and I tested the soil. As I surmised, no lime would ever be necessary as the soil is naturally alkaline with sufficient amounts of potash and potassium. As for nitrogen, their soil essentially had none. We bought several sacks of compost and some nitrogen fertilizer, which we worked into the soil before planting.

Of course each day after we planted the kids were checking to see if anything had come up. Gardening teaches patience. I hope this high country garden also does not teach disappointment.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Doing something that is especially hard gets a lot harder if you do too much thinking about it.


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