Sunday, June 13, 2010

Horse Drawn Days at Stonefield

Wisconsin Historical Society’s Stonefield Village, near Cassville, celebrated Horse Drawn Days this past Saturday. People toured the agricultural museum of horse-drawn farm implements, watched a farrier shoe horses, rode a horse-drawn carriage, saw a log cutting demonstration, and observed broom making.

Watching Randy Moshead and his three-horse team plow a small field in front of the museum delighted those who came to the day-long event. Children and adults gathered to watch Randy’s team pull a one bottom riding-plow that turned over ribbons of black soil. Slowly and deliberately the team worked and by day’s end much of the field was plowed.

A comment heard from those who watched, “How quiet it is when horses pull a plow.” Indeed, no roaring engines, no smell of diesel fumes, just the occasionally soft jingle of a harness chains and an even softer commands from the driver.

The Saturday event took many of us back to the days when horses pulled the plows, when the sounds were those of the birds and the soft spring breezes, and the smells were those of freshly turned soil and horse sweat. And no one was in a hurry.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: When you farm with horses, you are never alone.



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June 15, 12:00 noon. Wis Historical Society Museum on the Square. Horse Drawn Days.

June 16, 11:45-12:30. Wisconsin Public Radio, Larry Meiller Show. Horse Drawn Days.

June 18, 11:00 – 11:50 a.m. SE Wisconsin Festival of Books, UW-Waukesha campus.
Ames County Novels.

July 10, 10:30-2:30. Bramble Books, Viroqua. New location: 213 S. Main Street, Viroqua. Horse Drawn Days.

July 13, 7:00 p.m. Patterson Memorial Library, Wild Rose. Central Wis. Launch of Horse Drawn Days.

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Jeanne Engle said...

I whimped out on Saturday's events at Stonefield - was afraid of rain! Hope lots of folks had more fortitude than me and came for the activities.
However, I did have breakfast on the farm in the morning.