Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Three Sisters Still Fighting

For those waiting breathlessly for more about how the three sisters are getting along: They aren’t. Talk about sisters competing with each other. Sister pole bean is so far the bully of the bunch; she has crawled to the top of the stake I pushed in the center of the little garden mound,and has stuck her sticky tendrils a good 18 inches in the air beyond the end of the pole. Searching for an unknown something to latch onto.

Not to be out competed (if that’s a word), sister squash now has leaves a foot across, already has several yellow blossoms, and is also trying to crawl up the center pole, mixing it up with sister pole bean. I’ve never seen anything like it. What a vegetable competition.

Alas, meek and mild sister corn, now about half as tall as the center stake, seems to have accepted defeat in the sister competition. Where will it end? Why can’t the sisters get along—they are supposed to. That’s what I read somewhere. Not only are they supposed to get along, they are supposed to help each other. Care for each other. Look out for each other. Not in my three-sister garden. Cutthroat competition goes on. And may the best sister win.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: You can count the seeds in an apple, but the number of apples in a seed will remain forever a mystery.

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Jeanne Engle said...

I can remember when i was a kid and fought with my two sisters. Our mother used to say that she could understand the fighting if we were boys, but girls????