Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Memories

Some Christmas memories:

I remember Christmas morning with a stack of presents under the tree that couldn’t be opened until the morning milking was done.

I remember receiving socks and mittens that my grandmother knitted and a new pair of skates, the kind that clamped on the bottom of my shoes and were tightened with a key.

I remember oyster stew for supper on Christmas Eve, every year—a tradition in the family that went back for several generations. We continue to eat oyster stew on Christmas Eve today.

I remember Christmas dinner, with aunts, uncles and cousins, and a table spread with food like I only saw when the threshing crews came.

I remember walking a mile to the neighbor’s with a small present and a freshly baked pie, because we knew the neighbor’s wife had passed away and he and his daughter were alone on Christmas day.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. Any Christmas stories to share?

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: It often takes only a little more effort to move something from good to great.


January 6, 2011, 5:30 p.m. Lacrosse Library Friends dinner meeting.


dale-harriet said...

Jerry - thank you for that! My Christmas memories involve standing by Grandma Hanson as she made her krumkake and rosettes - and then going around the neighborhood putting tinsel on EVERYONE's tree! (Grandma Hanson was my best friend's grandmother, whom I loved - and being the only Jewish Kid in the neighborhood, everyone felt sorry for this day I'm a master tinseller!)


Bill said...

We practices secrecy about the gifts until Christmas morning. Until then, they were hidden. The tree was not up or decorated until after the kids went to bed on the night of Christmas eve. That is the correct way to do Christmas but many people put the tree up weeks early, decorate it, and put the gifts under it then. Can you imagine?