Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wild Grape Vine

I have wild grapes on my farm and this has been a banner year for them. They crawl over the lilac bushes by the cabin. They climb nearly to the top of the oak trees that line the trail to the pond. They curl up the red cedar tree by my machine shed. And this year they have succeeded in climbing to the peak of my pump house, nearly completely covering the east wall of the building.

My grape vines are aggressive and exploratory. One mischievous vine snuck through a crack in a pump house window. Once inside the curious vine discovered (can plants discover?) that no sunlight existed in my dark and dreary pump house, now mostly used as a woodshed. Know what? The vine crawled along the south wall inside the building, found a crack above the door and exited to the outside where it was once more treated to the afternoon sun. It appears happy as can be and seems rather proud that it has crawled in and out of my pump house. I must say, I’m impressed.

Anyone with a wild grape story? Love to hear from you.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: The road home is often the longest.

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September 10, Barnes and Noble, La Crosse. 1:00 p.m. Campfires and Loon Calls.

September 11, Woodland Country School Reunion, 1-4, Speaking at 2:00 p.m. Two miles from Hustisford on Highway R.

September 17, Creekside Bookstore, Cedarburg. Book Signing, 1-4.

September 18, Creekside Bookstore, Cedarburg, Book signing, 12-3.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the playful visuals created in your prose describing your wild grape vines and smiling now thinking there is a little wild grape vine spirit in me!

Matt said...

Picture of said vine: