Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sheboygan Co. Historical Research Ctr.

For ten years the Sheboygan County Historical Research Center in Sheboygan Falls has sponsored a series of programs called “Second Saturdays.” The programs, held at the Sheboygan Falls Library, are free and attract a sizeable audience from throughout the area.

I’ve been privileged to have been part of this interesting contribution to the Sheboygan County Community for each of the ten years. This past Saturday, on a chilly, frosty morning, more than 100 people gathered to learn about agricultural history and share stores of farm life from an earlier time.

Tales of growing up without electricity, stories about party-line telephones and battery operated radios—and the early radio programs such as Fibber McGee and Mollie, The Life of Riley, Jack Armstrong, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow and Captain Midnight. Stories of hard work and perseverance. Stories of “making do” when times were tough. Stories about kerosene lanterns and cow bells. Stories about the history of Wisconsin from the earliest settlement days to the present time.

At times there was laughter, at other times serious quiet as people thought about their own histories, many of them having grown up on farms.

The Sheboygan County Historical Research Center, with Beth Dipple as Director, is located at 518 Water Street, Sheboygan Falls. Check their website for information on program activities including “Second Saturdays” but also much, much more.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: When we forget our histories, we forget who we are.

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January 11 and 12, Midwest Farm Show, LaCrosse Center, LaCrosse, WI. Details to come. Speaking on both days.

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