Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year Thoughts

Did you know that the Romans named the first month of the year after Janus? Janus was the god of beginnings and was depicted with two faces. One looked forward into the future; the other looked backward to the past. The Romans believed that on New Year’s Eve, Janus looked back at the old year and forward to the new.

Did you know that the Babylonians were believed to be the first to make New Year’s resolutions? Early Christians believed the first day of the new year should be spent reflecting on past mistakes and resolving to improve oneself in the coming new year.

Did you know that the traditional dropping of the ball on New Year’s eve in New York's Times Square started in 1907 with a ball made of iron and wood.

THE OLD TIMER remembers an oft spoken farmer phrase, “This year will be better.”


January 11 and 12. 12:30 each day. Midwest Farm Show, LaCrosse Center, LaCrosse, WI. Stories from the land.

February 11. Janesville, noon luncheon speaker, FFA Alumni meeting.

March 9-11. Canoecopia, Madison. (Trade show for all things canoeing) Scheduled speaking time not yet determined.

March 24. Six p.m. Launch of Garden Wisdom book at Patterson Memorial Library Wild Rose. Details coming.

March 31-April 1. Morton Arboretum, Chicago area. Talk and workshop. Details coming.

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Bill said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this year is better but I may be the only one who didn't find 2011 so bad. Silly, huh?