Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wisconsin Agriculture

As some of you know, I’m writing a book on the history of Wisconsin Agriculture. I thought it might be interesting to share where our state ranks today in its agricultural production. How does Wisconsin fare—in comparison to all the states in our several agricultural pursuits?

More than half of Wisconsin’s agricultural income comes from its dairy industry—so we truly are a dairy state. But the state is also a national leader in several other agricultural areas.

Wisconsin’s Ranking:

Milk Production—2 (California leads)
Milk Cows—2 (California leads)
Cheese Production—1 (2.6 billion pounds—25 % of nation’s production)
Milk Goats—1
Mink Pelts—1
Corn for silage—1
Oats—2 (Minnesota leads)
Cranberries—1 (60% of nation’s production)
Potatoes—3 (Idaho leads)
Cherries—5 (Michigan leads)
Maple Syrup—4 (Vermont leads)
Mint for oil—6 (Washington leads)
Carrots for processing—2 (Washington leads)
Sweet Corn for processing—3 (Minnesota leads)
Green Peas for processing—3 (Minnesota leads)
Snap Beans for processing—1
Cucumbers for pickles—5 (Michigan leads)

So be proud, Wisconsinites, our state not only has a rich agricultural heritage, but a powerful agricultural presence in 2012.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: If someone calls you a cheesehead, smile and say, “thank you.”


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Bill said...

Thanks for this info, Jerry It is interesting.

BowerFarm said...

One you can add; certainly ranks first for units of bull semen produced with Genex, ABS and Accelerated Genetics all calling Wisconsin home.

Anonymous said...

nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...