Sunday, June 17, 2012

A First

We were on the trail in our oak woods, Sue and Paul and grandson, Josh.  Enjoying the coolness of the deep woods and the fresh smells of a June day in the outdoors.

Sue spotted her first—a big doe standing on the trail ahead of us, in the shadows where the trail winds between our two ponds before climbing sharply to the west.

We stop and watch—and then, out of the underbrush emerges her fawn, a tiny little thing only a couple feet tall if that.  And then we saw something none of us had seen before, at least not in the wild.  The fawn began nursing, its little white tail wagging back and forth as its mother kept a wary eye in our direction.  After a couple of minutes, the doe disappeared into the thick underbrush, leaving the little one standing alone, its lunch on the move. Abruptly, the little one realizing it had been left, turned and bounded after its mother, I’m sure wondering why its lunch was interrupted.

THE OLDTIMER SAYS: You are never too old to see something new—especially in the outdoors.

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