Sunday, September 02, 2012

One Kernel

My brother, Donald’s tree farm is adjacent to mine, and we have both been lamenting the havoc the dry weather has been having on our trees.  But the drought goes further.

Don also plants food plots for the deer and turkeys and whatever other wild creature wants a special treat.  He plants mostly corn and rye on these little cultivated pieces of ground.  This past weekend, my son, Steve and Don inspected one of his corn plots that he had planted in the spring.  By now the corn should be dark green, six feet tall, with plump ears hanging on each stalk.

Because of the dry weather, Don’s corn is about three feet fall, mostly brown, and a pitiful sight by any standard for decent farming.  Steve went hunting for ears—and finally found one.  One ear in the entire food plot.  When he stripped back the husk, he discovered the ear, which was about six inches long, had but one kernel on it.  Of course a corn ear should have kernels from tip to base.

“It is a nicely formed kernel,” Steve said, smiling. 

The wild critters will have to look elsewhere for their special treats this fall and winter.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Next year will be better (he hopes).

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