Sunday, May 12, 2013

Problem Squirrel

He came in the dark of the night.  Motive unknown.  To find something to eat?  To satisfy curiosity?  Or just because he was mean?

Last week I planted 25 store-bought strawberry plants in my specially designed, son-in-law-built, raised garden.  As I carefully dug little holes for each plant, and spaced them properly and at just the right depth, my head was filled with images of strawberries, lush red, delicious strawberries.

The next morning I walked out to inspect my little strawberry patch and saw the carnage.  Six strawberry plants dug up and scattered about.  Four strawberry plants missing.  My strawberry patch had been viciously attacked by an unknown critter, but I had a suspect in mind.  I had seen this gray squirrel with a short brown tail sneaking about—but I didn't think Brown Tail had the nerve to attack my new strawberry bed. I had caught him digging up pansy plants, digging up tulip bulbs—and Ruth even caught him red-pawed in broad daylight digging into my tomato plants that I was growing out before transplanting into my garden at the farm.

So Brown Tail became my prime suspect.  I developed a plan.  Off to the hardware stove I went to find some netting—the kind used to keep birds off fruit trees.  I carefully spread the netting over the strawberry plants.  Problem solved.  Brown Tail thwarted.

Nope.  Brown Tail too smart for this old farmer.  In the dark of the night, he crawled under the netting and dug up three more strawberry plants.  Now I have rocks holding down the netting and I am hoping the last few strawberry plants—that must be living in sheer terror, will survive the onslaught of this monster in their midst.

I will keep you posted.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Never underestimate the intelligence of supposedly dumb animals.

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Al Batt said...


I enjoy your books. I wouldn't think your culprit would be a tree squirrel. They are diurnal except for the flying squirrels. My strawberries are bothered by voles, raccoons, and slugs. Birds feed on them during the day. Good luck and keep up the good work.