Monday, July 08, 2013

Garden Update

For those vegetable gardeners who want to do some comparing, here is how my garden is doing as of July 8.  As per usual, some vegetables are doing well, some so-so and a few vegetables are down right miserable, struggling to stay alive.  In our neck of the woods it’s difficult to blame the weather, beyond the slow, cool, spring.  We've had ample rain, and the last couple of weeks have provided warm, sunny days.  Great growing weather.  Here’s the rundown:

Pumpkins—Doing well, just beginning to vine.

Early sweet corn—hip high, good color, lots of promise.

Spinach—failure.  Germination poor and that which did grow is sad, sad.

Radishes—best crop in years.  No worms, sweet, well-shaped.

Carrots—doing well now that radishes are harvested (I plant carrots and
            radishes together.)

Peas—looking good.  Pods developing. Harvest this coming weekend?

Early potatoes—very average.  Don’t know why they aren't better.

Onions—excellent.  We've harvested some and they are great.

Leaf lettuce—doing well.  We've already had several cuttings.

Beets—coming right along.  Probably need a little thinning.

Late potatoes—best crop in several years.  Vines are thick, knee high, covering the

Tomatoes—almost all varieties in some stage of flowering.  A few plants with    little green tomatoes.  Thinking of how good they will taste when they ripen.

Cabbage—excellent.  Best in several years. 

Green Beans—merely okay.  Germination could have been better.  Not enough

Green peppers—awful.  Plants look like they will die any day now.  Don’t have a clue what is bothering them.

Zucchini—Coming along just fine.  A few blossoms.  Look out.

Cucumbers—Beginning to vine.  Thriving.

Winter squash—Same as the cucumbers.

Late sweet corn—mostly knee high, some shorter, some taller.

Gourds—who can’t grow gourds?

Sunflowers—about four feet tall and growing like everything.

Three Sisters Garden—Full report later.  But so far doing much better than my
 attempt a couple years ago.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS:   When you garden, you are never short of surprises.


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