Sunday, August 04, 2013

A Farm Story Update

            I've just returned from Kansas City, Mo where I helped Public TV station KCPT with August fund raising.  They aired my documentary A Farm Story. During the breaks I talked about the background for the show and a little more about what farm life was like during the 1930s and 1940s when I was a kid.  I am always amazed at the response to the show— constantly the phones were ringing in the studio as volunteers recorded pledges.

            I discovered last week, that more than forty public TV stations are airing A Farm Story, from WGBY in Western New England to WKNO in Cordova, TN;  from KLRU in Austin Texas, to KVIE in Sacramento ,CA;  From WETA in Washington, D.C. to KUED in Utah.  From KBTC in Western, WA; to WUCF in Central Florida.  And many more.

            I am more than pleased with how many people across the country are interested in the history of the small family farm and how those who grew up and worked these farms contributed many important values to our present day society.  Values such as the importance of communities and neighbors, appreciating little things, working together as a family, and knowing that we all depend on the land. 

            I am also extremely pleased that people across the country are learning about little Wild Rose, WI, my hometown.  A publicist for KUED in Utah wrote “Wild Rose, Wisconsin is the archetypal rural farming community in America.”  High marks for my hometown indeed.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: When you have something good to say about something; say it.

August 6-7, Nebraska Public TV, Lincoln, Nebraska.  A Farm Story.
August 8, Environmental Educator’s Conference, Noon. Keynote, UW-LaCrosse
August 10, 2:00 p.m., Presentation Villa Louis, Prairie du Chein.  Horse Drawn Days.
August 18, Chicago Public TV. A Farm Story.
August 24, Egg Harbor Historical Society (details to follow)
September 7, Milwaukee Public TV.  A Farm Story
September 9, Byron Historical Society, Eden Town Hall. (details to follow)
September 10, DTS Banquet talk, Deer Valley Lodge, Barneveld
September 14, Mineral Point Book Festival.

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Jackie Davis said...

Jerry - I loved "A Farm Story" with Jerry Apps that I just watched on Nebraska Public Television. (I sent my pledge last night) I'm an old farm girl from Nebraska, aged 60, who attended a one-room country school as well. The population of town, about 5 mile away, was about 700. There was a family farmhouse every couple of miles or so. I have often pondered what happened to bring about such abrupt changes to farm life; it no longer exists, of course. It was so good to hear you bring what no seems like my ancient history back to life.