Monday, April 28, 2014

Weather Challenges Tree Planters

 A stiff east wind with a temperature in the high 30s greeted this year’s tree planters at Roshara.  Two teams braved the cold and wind and the occasional spit of rain mixed with ice pellets—Steve and Natasha, and Paul and Sue.  I drove the tractor with the plow, making furrows through the thick sod to make planting a bit easier, but not more comfortable.

 We had but 300 little Norway Pines to plant, trees to replace those that died in the drought from a few years ago.  Those that survived the dry weather are now four feet tall, some even taller.  If the rains continue, these newly planted ones will do well in the bottom of the furrow away from the competition of grass.

The cold wind seemed even colder as we worked on top of a sandy, gravely hill—but there was no complaining as we all knew the weather forecast of heavy rains coming for the afternoon.  Planting trees in a downpour of cold rain, although good for the trees, challenges even the most committed tree planters.  By noon 300 trees were in the ground, and an hour later the skies opened and the rain fell in buckets—a perfect situation for newly planted trees. 

The tree planters ate lunch around the old wood burning cook stove in the cabin, watching the rain splash against the cabin windows, and thankful for their good luck.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: One is never too old to plant a tree.
April 29, Noon Luncheon, Historical Society Foundation. By invitation.

May 3, Wisconsin Dells.  District Rotary meeting. 

May 6, Noon. Retired UW-Madison Retirement Association

May 10, Noon. Madison Area Polio Survivors.  Monona Garden Family Restaurant

May 14, Young Writers Awards Meeting, UW-Madison.

May 17, Dregne’s Gift Shop, Westby.  Book signing.

June 21, Writing Workshop, The Clearing, Door County 9-4.

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