Monday, May 26, 2014


I heard the whip-poor-will calling last night.  On the hillside above the pond.  The sound echoing across the valley.  The mysterious bird of the evening calling its name over and over again.  Sometimes ten, fifteen or more times without stopping.
Dad always said the bird was calling, “Plant your corn.  Plant your corn.”  That’s what we were doing yesterday, Steve, Natasha and I.  Planting sweetcorn kernels in our garden.  Several long rows.  Also a row of ornamental corn.  Ornamental corn is not much for eating—but sure fun to look at.  Sometimes we must be reminded that looking is as important as eating. 
We also set out the tomato plants and mulched them with straw, forty-five or fifty of them. We planted a couple rows of squash, half a row of pumpkins, half a row of cucumbers and probably too long a row of zucchini. A couple rows of green beans.  A row of beets. A short row of gourds, and an even shorter row of dill.  Dill has such a wonderful smell when you rub its leaves between your fingers.
Potatoes are about half up.  Radishes are on a tear.  Lettuce is looking good.  Cabbage and broccoli plants alive and well.
Rain predicted in the next day or so.  Warm weather here—finally.  Garden needs both.  Lots of rain.  Lots of sunshine. All in all, looking good for the 2014 season.  But way too early to make any predictions. 
THE OLD TIMER SAYS:  What is more fun than working in a garden on a warm, sunny day.
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Diana said...

I was so curious about the sound of the whip-poor-will that I had to look it up on Youtube. Now I'll know what I'm listening for when I get out in the evening for a walk. Is Spring the main time to hear them?