Monday, June 23, 2014

Garden Status

For my vegetable garden friends who enjoy comparing gardening seasons, here is the status of my garden on the first day of summer.  I've awarded a one to five designation with one meaning pathetic, and five, mostly unattainable.  In central Wisconsin, crops are a bit behind, but with three inches of rain this past week, and warmer temperatures—everything is improving. Steve and Natasha are keeping fast growing weeds at bay.
Early potatoes=3 (Late potatoes are outshining them)
Late potatoes=4 (Nine long rows, on a tear, best crop in a while)
Onions=4 (Three long rows, really looking good.
Beets=2 (Sad, sad, poor germination, not growing well)
Gourds=3 (Should be okay. Germination fair)
Sweet Corn=3 plus (Make knee high by the Fourth of July?  Maybe.)
Cucumbers=2 (Not good.  Poor germination.)
Pumpkins=4 (Coming along, but a long way to go)
Tomatoes =3 plus (42 plants. Doing better.  But no blossoms yet, not even on early varieties)
Zucchini= 4 (Seven hills. If you can’t grow zucchini, well . . .)
Peas=4 plus (Love the cool, wet weather.  In blossom)
Broccoli= 4 (First harvest yesterday)
Red cabbage=4 (Coming along just fine)
White cabbage=4 (Ditto for red cabbage)
Green Beans=3 (Need more sunshine, long way to go)
Lettuce=4 plus. (Great crop, three harvests already)
Collard Greens=3 plus (New for me this year.  How to fix?  Suggestions?)
Carrots=2 (Looking mostly sad, but hope, always hope)
So that’s it.  I’m interested in how other vegetable gardens are doing?  Similar to mine?
THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Every gardening year is different.
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David Demezas said...

Here in FdL I am happy to say that our Peas are a 4+, lettuce/cilantro 4+, carrots 3, zukes 3, butternut squash 3, tomatoes 4 (we have fruit on 5 different varietie), basil 4, hot and sweet peppers 3. We are very wet but our gardens are in raised beds.