Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dry Weather

Dry weather at the farm.  Lawn has turned brown and crunches under foot.  Garden  suffers in places where we are not able to water.

Rain clouds build up in the afternoon, then disappear at sunset.  Everyday the same.  Bright sun in the morning, eighty degree temps., storm clouds but no rain.

Prairie remains green, but not growing. Late summer prairie flowers, goldenrods and blazing star—so stunning when they open—seem to be waiting for the rain. In a holding pattern.

The prairie grasses know drought, especially the big blue stem grass that continues to grow on the side hill where I first found it, a place that was likely never plowed so the grass is old, hundreds of years maybe.  Big blue stem, grows six feet tall, rain or no rain, as it has a root system that goes nearly as deep as its height above ground.

I worry about the little pines I planted in the spring.  Off to a good start, but now in need of rain.  Everything could benefit from some rain.  An all day soaker.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Time for a rain dance, or at least a shower shuffle.

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