Sunday, January 11, 2015

Talking Snow

It is ten below zero at Roshara this morning.  The snow is talking to me as I make my early morning walk from the cabin to the country road that trails by our place.  The snow is speaking of days past when I made my way on frosty mornings like this to the warm barn where our small herd of Holsteins waited to be milked.

The crunching snow reminds me of the days when I walked to the woodpile to carry wood to our ever-hungry wood stoves in our drafty old farmhouse.  And to carry wood from the woodpile to the stove in the pump house that kept our pump functioning, and from the woodpile to the stove in the potato cellar, which kept the potatoes from freezing.

The crunching snow reminds me of the mile-long walk to our country school, which remained open every day of the winter because everyone walked, including our teacher.

The talking snow also reminds me of the fun times we had in winter, sledding, skiing, ice skating, ice fishing with its story telling, walking to the neighbors on frigid winter nights to play cards, and gathering around the wood stove at the grist mill while Pa waited for the cow feed to be ground.

The talking snow has many messages for me these days, taking me back to the days of my youth when people mostly didn't complain about the cold, but made the most of it for cold was a part of winter, and talking snow was something to be enjoyed.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Listen to the snow.

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