Sunday, September 06, 2015

How Our Garden Grew

Labor Day 2015 and a time to look back at a summer of gardening and do an assessment of what vegetables did well and which didn’t.  The following are the collective scores of Steve and Natasha, who did most of the planting,weeding and harvesting, and me, dubbed  the Senior Adviser.

The scores range from 0 (the crop that didn’t come up) to 10 (beyond all doubt outstanding).

Onions-10 (Best crop ever on our sandy soil,)

Broccoli-10 (Keeps on producing, earlier in the season cut a head 10” across.)

Cabbage-10 (Wow, never have we grown such big, beautiful heads)

Zucchini-9 (If you can’t grow zucchini—don’t know what to say.)

Rutabaga- 8-9 (A short row, not yet harvested but looking very good.)

Potatoes-8  (Good, clean crop.  But better last year.  Will harvest several bushels.)

Egg Plant-8 (Big and beautiful)

Collards-8 (Four times harvested and more to come)

Radishes-8 (Early and quite good)

Leaf Lettuce-7 (Earlier good, doesn’t like hot weather)

Cucumbers-6 (Germination poor, what grew, did well)

Sweet Corn-5 (We’ve had better years)

Tomatoes-5-6 (Decent yield, but hit with blight, which killed several plants.)

Peppers-5 (Harvested several, but we’ve done better)

Beets-5 (So-so year.)

Carrots-4 (Those growing are good, but so few.)

Gourds -4 ((Terrible germination, due to cold, wet spring)

Squash-3 (Only a few hills due to poor germination.)

Pumpkins -0 (Planted a dozen hills.  Not one pumpkin this year.  Awful.  Germination problem.)

Average score for 19 vegetables planted is 6.5-7.0.  Always room for improvement.

Steve gave a score of 5 to the weeds this year—he does the rototilling.  He also gives high marks to Natasha for the outstanding onions.  She hand weeded two long rows four times.

How did your garden grow?  Let me know.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Every garden year has its surprises.

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