Sunday, November 22, 2015

Deer Season: Tradition and Family

Opening day of deer season.  No snow at Roshara, but a cold damp wind digs through my many layers of clothing.  No deer to be seen.  A good time for thinking and relaxing, and a little shivering.

I’ve not missed deer hunting since I was 12 years old when I hunted with my dad in Adams County.  In 1946 there were no deer in Waushara County.  Now my son, Steve hunts with me and he has done so since he was 12, not missing a year.

Why do I do it?  Why do I get up at 5:15 on a dark, dank cold November morning and sit under a tree at my farm and wait for daylight?

For two main reasons: Tradition and Family.  Other reasons, such as being outdoors, watching wildlife—I saw two chickadees and a gray squirrel on Saturday morning—listening to the quiet, oh, and sometimes bagging a deer, come in second place.

This year Steve and I hunted with my brother, Don, and his sons, Marc, Eric and Matt, as we have for many years.  It’s a family tradition with many stories, and catching up with jobs, and news of kids and grand kids.

And for more than 40 years, we all gather for a chili supper with more stories, kidding, and smart talk.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Tradition and Family define deer hunting.


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