Saturday, January 30, 2016

Good Old Days?

The years when I was growing up are often referred to as “The Good Old Days.”  Maybe some of time, but not when it came to shoveling snow.

I’ve just finished plowing the driveway at my farm.  Six inches of new snow fell, but it was no challenge for the box grader and the front end loader I have on my John Deere Tractor.  In a little over an hour, the driveway was clear, as was a path from my cabin to the woodshed.  No fuss, no muss.  My tractor is four-wheel drive, with power-steering.  And I must say, compared to handling a snow shovel, driving my little John Deere is easy, and dare I say, fun.

Back to “The Good Old Days.”  My dad, two brothers and I, following a snowstorm, spent hours shoveling the various paths: from the house to the barn, from the house to the chicken house, from the house to pump house, from the pump house to the barn, from the barn to the straw stack, from the barn to the granary—and of course, from the house to the outhouse.  And worst of all, the driveway from the country road to the pump house—so the milk man could make his daily rounds.

It was a miserable job.  And just about the time we finished shoveling all the paths, it would snow once more.  And it was back to the shovels.

What a difference a tractor and a front end loader would have made.  But in those days we didn’t have a tractor, but depended on horses to do the heavy work.  Clearing paths was not part of what they did.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Not all of “The Good Old Days” were that good.


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