Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Madness of March

March was rolling right along,  Temperatures above freezing every day, grass greening up, neighbors raking their lawns—some days shirt sleeve weather.  Nice.  Dependable .  Not like March, but we’ll take it.

Then the weather forecast:  Winter Storm Warning for much of the central part of the country.  How could that be?  It’s spring.  Says so right on the March calendar.   Must be a mistake.  Maybe an April Fool’s trick a few days early.
This was last Tuesday, when the temperature was in the 50s. 

We all chuckled.  They sure got it wrong this time.  Never could depend on those weather people.  Always wanting to turn a few snowflakes into a blizzard—that’s what they said.  Blizzard warnings for some counties.  We didn’t have one of those in January—what’s going on?  Weather people should stick their noses outside more often, see how the weather on the computer screen doesn’t compare with what’s really out there.

But, But, I’m eating crow, the weather people were right.  Right on the button right.  First the rain, then some ice, some places lots of ice, and then the snow, heavy snow, blowing snow, slippery snow, winter snow—but it’s spring for heaven’s sake.

Today, a couple days later, the snow in southern Wisconsin is gone, the grass is green, the neighbors are raking their lawns, spring flowers are beginning to bloom.  Was mid-last week just a bad dream?  Or has March made sure that we didn’t forget its madness—which goes beyond basketball.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: So it’s March, get over it.

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Don R said...


Many years ago, on a mild late March night, My Dad and I were standing on the milkhouse porch and I confidently stated, "Spring is here". To which my equally confident Dad said, "No it isn't". "Just because the calendar says Spring doesn't make it true." He was right, of course, as he almost always was, when a snow storm came a few days later and my thoughts of Spring were postponed for a few more weeks.