Sunday, October 02, 2016

Ringling Brothers Circus

The American Experience, a series produced by PBS and aired nationally—popular programs include “The Amish,” “JFK”,“D-Day” and “Riding the Rails” (and many more)—is developing a show featuring the American Circus.

Last week I spent an hour with the circus show’s producer talking about the Ringling Brothers and their famous circus that had its roots in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  The Ringling brothers, there were five of them who worked as partners, got their idea for a circus when the family lived in McGregor, Iowa and the boys saw a river boat circus come into town.

The family moved to Baraboo (they had lived there previously), where their father operated a harness shop.  The Ringling story is one of hard work, grit, and perseverance.  They opened their first circus in Baraboo in 1884, and spent their winters in that town until 1918.  By 1918, they had become the largest circus in the world, traveling throughout the county thrilling young and old alike.  You can still see their circus; it continues to tour the country—although it is quite different from the one that entertained people in towns large and small under the “Big Top” during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. 

Stop by Circus World Museum in Baraboo to see firsthand where the Ringling circus spent its winters.  And if you’d like to learn more about the Ringlings and their circus, pick up a copy of my book Ringlingville USA, or its companion for young readers, Tents, Tigers, and the Ringling Brothers (Both published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press).  Go to my website, for more information).

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Few things are more American than the circus.

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