Sunday, June 18, 2017

End Willow

We lost the end willow tree at Roshara this past week. It succumbed to the nearly eight inches of rain we had during the week and storms that knocked out our power for most of two days.

The Coombes family planted that old black willow tree in 1912, the first tree in a long row of them. The willow trees provided a windbreak from the summer storms and winter blasts for 105 years—they still do. But their leader, the first in line thus the title “end willow,” is now gone. A twisted mass of broken branches and fractured trunk.

During our early years at Roshara, our kids played in that old tree, climbed it, played games under it, saw it as a friend. For my first book, THE LAND STILL LIVES, I featured that old tree as a character in the book.

On Friday, my son, Steve—who had played in that old tree—and son-in-law Paul sawed up enough of the tree so we could use our driveway once more. (See Photo above.) But we decided to leave most of it where it fell. It seemed only fitting that in death it should remain where it had lived for more than a hundred years: protecting the farmstead, providing a place for kids to play, and leaving behind so many memories.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Remembering an old tree that has so many stories to tell.

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