Sunday, August 19, 2007

What is In A Pickle?

Several people have asked recently, "Just what is that new novel of yours about?"

In a few words, IN A PICKLE is about small family farms and why we have so few of them these days.

In the book, the newspaper editor of the Link Lake Gazette, writes in response to questions about disappearing family farms: "Don't you realize what we are giving up when we lose a family farm? It's a way of life, but so much more. We lose people who who know the land and how to care for it, who know livestock and how to raise it, who know machinery and how to keep operating, and who know what community means. That's what will be lost when these family farms disappear."

If any of you have comments, please respond. I would enjoy a discussion about the family farm.

Old timer comment: "Life is like a river. There are twists and turns, quiet spots and rapids, deep pools and shallow flats. But a river is always moving. Always the same but always different. Just like people."


Anonymous said...

I just shared your blog with my husband Jeff who grew up and later worked on a farm in Pennsylvania. Maybe you'll recall that you signed the copies of "When Chores Were Done" and "Rural Wisdom" that I bought for him. He's been preaching the very same message to anyone who'll listen, so it's not surprising that his reaction was "I would love to sit down with Jerry and just shoot the breeze." He would be in good company too. -Gina Conklin, Georgetown, TX

Anonymous said...

I am a city girl, born and raised in CA, now have the priveledge to have inlaws in Mt. Morris, WI. Reading Rural Wisdom this week (first of 2 we will be here) has delighted me, and given me the gift of insight for how to live a more fulfilling life. I, too, would love to sit down and have a chat with Jerry. I've many questions. MaryAnn Dahldstrand.