Sunday, August 12, 2007

Writing From Your Life

I've just returned from a great week at The Clearing in Door County, Wisconsin where I taught a workshop on "Writing From Your Life." Fifteen students from younger to older wrote their stories and shared them for critique. What fun it was.

I'm doing a one day intro workshop on the topic Saturday, September 15. Check my website and the Clearing's website for details.

Old timer Wisdom.

"When it comes to talking about something--if you can't put it in simple words, better keep your mouth shut until you can."

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Anonymous said...

I remember your saying something like this to the group I was with at one of the first Rhinelander School of the Arts sessions. You were kind enough to say I should submit my writing to a magazine, but, coward as I was, I never did. But I always remembered you as a great teacher. Thanks. Diana