Tuesday, May 27, 2008

End of School Year Picnic

A picnic marked the end of the school year for my one-room country school in Waushara County, Wisconsin. People brought their own sandwiches and eating utensils, plus a dish to pass. The school board placed planks on sawhorses in the shade of the school yard's giant oaks. They also bought ice cream for dessert. The ice cream, in two and one/half gallon tubs came in an insulated canvas covered case that slowed the melting.

All the parents and students came and ate and ate and sat under the great oaks and talked--until it was time for the annual softball game. The students played their fathers. Everyone not playing watched and cheered--for the students of course. And the students usually won, too.

Years later, a one-time student at a county school told me this was the only time she ever saw her father play. She saw her dad, a farmer, working all the time--except on the day of the end of school year picnic and softball game.

The Old Timer Says: "We gain respect by earning it."

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Leidulf Mydland, Oslo Norway said...

To Mr Jerry Apps
I’m a Norwegian Historian working with à comparative study on preservation of one-room-schoolhouses in Midwest and Norway. My main focus is to understand the motivation for preservation and value assessments. Last year I stayed some weeks in Iowa, and now I’m visiting the Wisconsin Historical Society between 8-14 of June, and the week after I’m joining the Conference in Ohio where I’m giving a presentation of my work.
I have with pleasure read your book about One-room Country schools in Wisconsin and if it’s possible I will like to meet you and discus your experience with preservation and use of Country schools. Mr Jim Draeger have give me the address to your web-side, and that is the reason for contacting you this way..

Please contact me on leidulf.mydland@niku.no