Monday, June 02, 2008

Weather Talk

Growing up on a farm I remember how critical weather was to everything we did. Dad knew many of the weather sayings, some are familiar to most people, some not.


Red sky in the morning, sailors take warming. (Rain coming)
Red sky at night, sailors delight. (Nice day tomorrow)
Rain before seven, stop before eleven.
No dew in the morning, rain within 24 hours.
Ring around the moon: major chance in weather coming.
If among the clouds, there is a patch of blue sky large enough to make a pair of Dutchman's britches, clear weather is on the way.
April showers bring May flowers.
Rain in May is a barn full of hay.
Rain in June is a silver spoon (Meaning the crops would be off to a good start with ample moisture on our sandy soils.)

The Old Timer says: "Enjoy the wind. Feel it. Embrace it. But always respect it."

Coming Events. Saturday, Book signing, June 7, 1-3PM, Waldens, West Town Mall, Madison.

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