Sunday, June 21, 2009

Five Strawberry Plants

I have five strawberry plants in my front yard, in the flowerbed. My brother-in-law, Clarence gave them to me a couple years ago when he had some extras.

I expected little from them, perhaps a handful or so of berries in June to put on my morning cereal. Or maybe fewer than that, for after all it was a flowerbed with mums and day lilies and roses all clamoring for attention and their share of sunlight.

Cabot is the strawberry variety. According to the Jung’s seed catalog: The ideal strawberry for northern gardeners who want huge strawberries with great flavor. Yeah, right, I usually say when I read such hyperbole.

The strawberry season has a week or two to run its course. I have so far picked six quarts of strawberries from my five plants. I must eat my skeptical words as I enjoy my sweet, juicy strawberries.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Expect little and then be pleased when you receive more.


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