Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Walk in the Rain

I walked in the rain yesterday, the quarter mile down the hill from my cabin to the pond, just before dark.  I wore my knee high rubber boots, a decent rain coat, and my old Filson hat.  Soon water dripped from it, and the sound of the rain drops on that old hat reminded me of the many nights I spent in a tent, with raindrops drumming on the canvas.

As I walked through the falling rain I spotted woodbine, a brilliant red vine that had crawled all the way to the top of several trees along the wet trail, a reminder of the many fall colors to come.

When I arrived at the little field just west of the pond, I spotted a flock of turkeys, a half-dozen or so.   Mama turkey and this year’s brood ran like racehorses through the wet grass when they spotted me, into the dense brush near the pond, and disappeared, one by one.

A few of the aspen leaves showed yellow, and a scattering fluttered to the ground around me, dislodged by the rain.  They added to the smells of fall that I so much enjoy.

Arriving at the pond, I watched the raindrops on the pond’s surface, each one made a subtle little tinkling sound, and each one created a little circle that widened and then disappeared.  One circle after the other, appearing and disappearing; nature’s magical artistry.

And through the mists I spotted a maple tree on the far side of the pond, in full fall splendor—a brilliant red among mostly green leaves.  Turning red early this maple, avoiding the competition from all the other maples in my woodlot that will soon follow with brilliant yellows and reds. Showing off.

A glorious walk in the rain, when the landscape offered a special set of sights, sounds, and smells.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Take a walk in the rain; you won’t melt


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