Sunday, September 08, 2013

Garden Info

                For those who might be interested in a follow-up of my grape vine story last week, the results are in—35 jars of grape jelly. All prepared in Ruth’s kitchen.  For those on our list for Christmas presents, expect some jelly.  Pretty good stuff, too, I might add.

                We are in the middle of the tomato harvest, an average crop this year.  So far we've picked about a bushel and a half.  Ruth is in the midst of making tomato soup, one batch of salsa already in jars.  Tomato juice to come.

                I picked the last of the sweet corn on Friday.  The early varieties were quite good, the late variety not so much as the recent dry,  hot spell has caused partially filled ears, and in a few cases ears devoid of kernels.

                The green beans continue to yield well, although the peak was probably in early August.  The beans seem to tolerate the dry and hot weather better than some of the other garden crops.  The broccoli was off to a slow start, but then perked up and has been yielding a quart or so every week.  Broccoli does not like hot and dry, but it continues to do well.  Same for the early cabbage.  It likes cool, yet I've had some of the best early and late cabbage that I've ever grown.  And for some reason, I've seen not one cabbage worm this year.

                We've harvested all the early red potatoes, an average crop. Maybe a bushel.  We've begun harvesting the late variety and so far it appears to be one of our best crops.  Cool and wet spring helped the late potatoes.

                Pumpkin crop struggles with the dry weather, crop will be light.  Same for the squash, yield will be average.  A half row of sunflowers are eight feet tall and nodding toward the sun.  Broom corn is pushing towards maturity.

                A respectable garden year, given the roller-coaster weather.  Cool and 
wet in early season, hot and dry from mid-season to now.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Gardening like life: you win some, you lose some.

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