Sunday, July 27, 2014


Octogenarian.  There’s a mouthful of a word.  Six syllables: oc-to-ge-nar-i-an.  Hard to pronounce. Worse to spell.  Sounds like it might have something to do with October.

But the word has nothing to do with a month of year and everything to do with people who are in their 80s.  It means older person.  A person with years of experience.  A person with stories to tell and adventures to share.

“Eighty, it’s the new 60,” someone told me the other day.  And yet another person reminded me that a 80 year old can have a forty-year old mind.  Sounds encouraging. Hopeful.  Optimistic.  But true??

Oh, I by the way, I am now an octogenarian.  It happened last Friday, which was my birthday.  I had imagined bells would ring and there would be loud shouting.  Maybe there was, one thing about 80, one’s hearing is not quite as sharp as it once was.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS:  Age is a state of mind.

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One of your many fans! said...

Happy Birthday, Jerry Apps! Remember what Henry Fonda's character said in "On Golden Pond" on the occasion of his 80th birthday? Someone asked him 'how does it feel to be 80? and he replied, "about twice as bad as it did to turn 40." I never quite understood that, since I didn't mind turning forty at all - and you don't sound like becoming an Octogenarian (must it be capitalized? ) feels like a bad thing to you. I'm not there yet, but saints be willing, I will be one day, and I intend to enjoy every moment, like we need to enjoy every moment of every year we live. Again, Mr. Apps, Happy 80, as my Swedish relatives say "skol" and as I say, "I wish you many many more."