Sunday, July 20, 2014


I felt a fine mist in the air as I began my morning walk on a cool, almost October-like early morning.  We were in the Northwoods, in a cabin on Lake George a few miles from Rhinelander.  A gloomy, cloudy morning.  Nothing stirring, not even the resident loons on the lake.

As I walked the mist became heavier, and colder.  I pulled up the collar on my jacket, pulled down my cap and continued on, thinking it would soon stop, the clouds would part and the morning sun would greet me.

The opposite happened.  The clouds thickened and the mist turned to a light and then a heavier, very cold rain.  I continued walking.  I had no choice; I was a half mile from where we were staying.

Wet and uncomfortable when I finally plodded up the hill to the cabin, I thought about my growing up years on the farm.  No matter what we were doing: making hay, cutting the oat crop, picking cucumbers, the rain prevented us from doing it, but Pa didn't complain. When the rain came it was welcome on our sandy, droughty central Wisconsin farm.

As I sat by the cabin window, drinking a cup of coffee and looking at the falling rain over the lake, I remembered about how Pa always appreciated the rain, no matter when it came, and how inconvenient it may have seemed at the time.  While I was grumbling, Pa was smiling.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Never curse the rain.

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Don R said...


Your story sounds incredibly familiar. In my inexperienced youth I once complained about a stretch of rainy weather and my Dad rebuked me, saying, "Never complain about rain here in Door County!" He was right, of course, as we are always on the edge of drought on this shallow, sandy rock we try farming on. I have now passed this bit of old timer wisdom onto my son. Thanks for jogging my memory.