Monday, December 08, 2014

Storytelling with the Farm Bureau

Ruth, Sue and I attended the annual state-wide Farm Bureau meeting in Wisconsin Dells yesterday.  I taught two “Write Your Life Story” workshops, and a grand time we had.  In the first session, 72 people, in the second 63.  The room was filled with memories and stories as people recounted their favorite toys when they were children, people who made a difference in their lives, and turning points, where something happened in their lives and everything that followed was different. 

            When I asked about people who made a difference in your life, a woman shared a story about the school bus driver she had when she was a little girl and attending grade school.  A bully on the bus broke off a flower the little girl was taking home for her mother. The driver stopped the bus.  In the midst of her tears, the driver, using the first aid kit in the bus, taped the flower back together, and assigned the bully to the front seat for the rest of the school year. She has never forgotten that good deed, now so many years ago.

            People remembered horses on their farms.  One person told about how his grandfather had spent the night in the barn with a sick horse that was dying—for this man a horse was a part of the family and deserved that kind of respect.

            The room was filled with laughter, and some tears, too, as people remembered their stories.  And also listened  as I shared how important it was to write these stories down and share them with their families and friends, as this is history, and when we forget our histories, we forget who we are.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS:  Take some time to write down your stories.
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