Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thank You

As 2014 has but three days left, it’s a time for saying thank you to all who helped me this past year.  Topping the list is my wife, Ruth, who has a “to do” list for me that never seems to get done—yet in midst of undone duties, she continues to read all my writing with her critical, consumer eye.  “Jerry what does this sentence mean?  You sure this is the right word?” and so much more. Add to the list, my daughter Sue, who is not only an excellent writer, but a first class editor.  And my son, Steve, who is a big picture (no pun intended as he is a professional photographer) guy who keeps my writing head pointed in the proper direction, and his partner, Natasha, who is a professional editor and always has excellent comments on how to improve my work.  And there is son, Jeff, in Colorado, who gives me a broader, wider perspective on things.

And that’s just the “at home” support group.  A little inside secret; if my writing doesn't get by this cluster of critics it goes nowhere.  You might be surprised at the size of my “gone nowhere” writing—but maybe not.

Now to the next group of folks to thank, my publishers: Wisconsin Historical Society Press, University of Wisconsin Press and Fulcrum Press.  At each publishing house, editors, marketing directors and publicists have done so much to see that my work gets a careful and comprehensive editing before it goes into print and then is well publicized.  Also, a big thank you to the weekly and monthly publications that run my columns.

I add to this list the people at Wisconsin Public TV and PBS who have now produced two hour-long documentaries based on my writing, with a third one in production.  A huge thank you from this once shy farm kid, who has been pushed, shoved, helped and allowed to appear on TV screens across the country.

And to the many, many others who have helped promote my work: booksellers, museum directors, historical society volunteers, farm organization leaders and librarians.  Thank you.

Lastly, to all my readers across this great country who read my work, watch my TV shows and keep me writing.  A huge thank you.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: One thing I believe for sure.  A big reason we’re on this earth is to do something for others.
January 28, 2015 7:00 p.m. Stoughton Opera House.  A Farm Winter.

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