Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Broccoli Year

Last week I wrote about my town garden.  This week I’ll share a little about my much larger country garden at Roshara, where the rows are thirty inches apart and many feet long.  The country garden has taken a weather beating, two bad storms a week apart dumped always needed rain, but the wind we could do without.  A week ago my sweetcorn all leaned to the east, with the most recent storm it now leans to the south.  I’m hopeful it will recover.

Also, with the cold nights back in May, the germination of my vine crops was not good.  Thus my squash, pumpkin and even cucumber crop will be below average.  However, the ever sturdy zucchini germinated and continues to grow.  The first little thumb size zucchini are ready for picking.

On the positive size: the leaf lettuce has never been better, three cuttings so far, the second cutting of collards was as good as the first, the tomatoes are on a rampage, and baring blight and more storms, we ought have several bushel.  I dug a pail full of red potatoes yesterday, blemish free and oh, oh so good to eat.

The first few pints of green beans are in the fridge ready for eating.  The late cabbage is on a tear—heads bigger than I’ve ever grown.  And broccoli, well here I must violate the longstanding rule that we Germans should never brag—I have the best, biggest and brightest broccoli.  I cut a broccoli head yesterday that measured ten-inches across.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Every year’s garden is filled with surprises.

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A WILDERNESS WITHIN: THE LIFE OF SIGURD F. OLSON by David Backes.  Here is a wonderful biography of Sigurd  F. Olson who has written so lovingly of the Boundary Waters Canoe area of northern Minnesota.  Olson is one of my environmental heroes.
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