Sunday, July 12, 2015

Town Garden Update

As I’ve mentioned earlier, my town garden is a tiny little thing, only 3 ½ feet by eight feet.  In some ways it’s more of a “wannabe garden” than a real vegetable garden, especially for those of us who have grown up with and continue to have gardens that range up to a ¼ acre in size. 

 Yet, I must confess, a bunch of vegetables can be grown in a little space, as long as there is at least eight hours of sunshine a day, and you don’t forget to water it when the rains don’t come regularly.

Last week I harvested an ice-cream pail of red potatoes from five potato plants.  Blemish free potatoes, beautiful on the table and wonderful to eat.  We’ve harvested leaf lettuce four times, and broccoli twice.  The tomatoes are green and growing rapidly, some the size of golf balls and larger.  The cucumbers, four vines, snake up a little string trellis I built.  They are covered with yellow blossoms, with a few cucumbers a ¼ inch long.

I’m a believer—so much good, fresh food, from so little  space.  Besides, where the vegetable garden grows, there is no grass to mow.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Grow your own.  It’s easy, fun, and as one of the TV guys says, “It tastes so good.”

 My one-day writing course on “Writing From Your Life,” is scheduled for Saturday, October 17 at the Clearing in Door County.  Go to  for detailed information.


THE EARTH SPEAKS by Steve Van Matre and Bill Weiler.  Here is a book of short excerpts from Ralph Waldo Emerson, Wallace Stegner, Sigurd Olson, Edward Abbey and many more.    Included in the book is this Indian Proverb: “The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives.”

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July 16, 6:30. Heritage Village at Big Creek, Sturgeon Bay, Farm stories.

August 12, 6:00 p.m., Westfield Library. Farm Stories

August 26, 9:30 a.m. Farm Technology Days, Sun Prairie. Farm Stories.

September 3, Noon.  Old World Wisconsin, Wisconsin Agriculture: A History (New book)

September 3, 7 p.m. Books and Company bookstore,  Oconomowoc,  Whispers and Shadows.

September 12, West Madison Agriculture Research Station, Wisconsin 
Agriculture: A History.  Time to be announced.

September 17, 11:-a.m.  St. Luke’s Church, Middleton, WI   Stories  From the Land

September 19 , Stonefield Village, Cassville.  Whispers and Shadows
September 23, Patterson Memorial Library, Wild Rose. Wisconsin Agriculture: A History.

September 26, 10:30 -2:00, Dregni’s, Westby, Book signing.

October 7, 6:30 p.m. Reedsburg Library, Whispers and Shadows

October 10, Heartland Forum, Chicago.

October 11, Old World Wisconsin

October 15, Prairie du Sac Library, Whispers and Shadows

October 17, 9-4 Teaching writing workshop at The Clearing, Ellison Bay, WI

October 17, 4:30-6:00 p.m. The Clearing.  Book signing, Whispers and Shadows, Wisconsin Agriculture: A History.

October 29, Brown County Library.  Premier of TV Documentary,” The Land With Jerry Apps. “ Book signing, Whispers and Shadows.

November 5, 7:00 p.m. Baraboo Library, Whispers and Shadows.

November 7, Edgerton Book Festival, The Land (TV documentary) and Whispers and Shadows

November 14, 9:30 -11:30 a.m. Sheboygan County Historical Research Center.  Wisconsin Agriculture: A History.

November 15, 9:15 Midvale Lutheran Church, The Land (TV documentary)  plus discussion of Whispers and Shadows.

November 18, Preview of TV Documentary, “The Land With Jerry Apps” Wild Rose High School Auditorium.  Whispers and Shadows book signing. (Time to be announced)

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