Monday, August 01, 2016

Garden Report: August 1, 2016

August 1-Garden Report

            The rains came regularly along with lots of sunshine and warm, some might complain too warm temperatures—and my garden has thrived.  All and all, one of my best gardens in many years.  Here is an accounting of where we are in mid-season:

            The potato crop still remains the winner in the competition among its fellow vegetables.  On Saturday we dug the red potatoes, about a bushel from a row and a half.  Beautiful, big, blemish free potatoes.  More than we’ve harvested in recent years.

            Second place has to go to the tomatoes.  I have tomato plants five feet tall and still growing.  Natasha picked a pan full of ripe ones.  A little blight is showing up, but so far scarcely visible.  Main crop a week or two away.

            Third place to the green beans.  Three times harvested, beautiful, blemish free, and oh, so good with a gentle steaming, and then a goodly amount of butter and a dash of pepper and salt.

            Other blue ribbon producers, Leaf lettuce—we’ve cut five times, and it’s still coming back. Swiss chard, a first time vegetable for me.  It grows tall, red stemmed, and three times harvested.  Same for the broccoli, huge early heads, now smaller, but lots of them.  Also three times harvested.

            Cucumbers, twice harvested, they like the heat, doing well.  Zucchini—just four hills and wow, found a few if properly dried and preserved would serve as baseball bats.

            Sweet corn, a week or ten days away from harvest time.  Late sweet corn planted after peas harvested is now knee high and doing well.

            Squash, pumpkins and gourds, all growing wildly.  Vines everywhere, sneaking under the garden fence, invading the sweet corn patch, crowding out any weed that might consider growing in their midst.  So thick that I can’t see if we’ll have a crop to harvest.

            Now for the “less than expected” crops. First place loser: green peppers.  They are a miserable failure.  Not one pepper and the pathetic looking little plants, just sit there, seeming out of place and miserable.

            I harvested the onions on Saturday, red and white ones.  They had tipped over and quit growing, so time to harvest.  Red onions, average size, not close to “brag eligible.”  White ones, small, too small.  Should have planted yellow ones.

The recent weather has been perfect for our sandy loam soil, which needs lots of water.  Fingers crossed that good garden weather will continue.

THE OLDER TIMER SAYS: Some garden years are good, some less so, but all are wonderful.

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