Sunday, August 28, 2016

Harriet the Horrible

Never have I seen such aggressiveness.  Such a willingness to take over and be in charge.  Such a show-off attitude.

Before I go further, I must say that I’m talking about a zucchini plant that grows in my garden.  I call her Harriet the Horrible.  This is not an ordinary zucchini plant.  I’ve grown zucchini for thirty years, maybe more.  I’ve heard a litany of zucchini stories—I’ve got several of my own.  These stories are all about the fruit of the zucchini—don’t leave your car unlocked during zucchini season or you’ll find a pile of them on the backseat—stories like that.

I’m not talking about what Harriet the Horrible produces.  I would say she is average in that respect.  I’m talking about Harriet herself.  On the one hand, she is absolutely beautiful.  She is six feet wide, four feet tall, and her leaves are more than twenty inches wide.  Never have I grown such a specimen as Harriet.

On the other hand, it’s her personality that is in question, that is if you’ll allow me to say a zucchini plant has a personality.  She has completely crowded out a cluster of carrots.  She has killed several onion plants.   She has put fear and trepidation into four tomato plants that are scraggly and pitiful.  She has frightened the pole beans as they climb ever farther up their poles, trying to escape the wrath of Harriet.

This is only August.  What more damage can Harriet the Horrible do before frost comes and does her in?  She is clearly on the prowl, holding her leaves high, and proudly doing what I have not seen a zucchini plant do.

THE OLD TIMER ASKS:  Do you have a Harriet the Horrible in your garden?

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