Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Labor Day Garden Grades

            With schools starting for the fall term, it seemed appropriate to assign some grades to my vegetable garden on this Labor Day Weekend.  Different from the last couple of summers, we’ve had lots of rain and plenty of heat and sunshine.  But similar to past summers, some things did well and some didn’t do well at all.  Here are the grades:

Tomatoes: “A+” Wow.  What a tomato crop this season and they are not finished yet.  I’ve loosely kept track.  We’ve picked at least three  to four bushels so far this summer.  In recent weeks, late blight took out a few of the plants, but those remaining kept chugging along.  Lots of tomato soup, tomato juice, and salsa already on the cellar shelves.

Potatoes: “A+”  Good potato year; they like lots of rain.  We’ve dug about six bushels.

Green beans: “A”  We continue to pick them.  Wonderfully tasty.

Early sweet corn: “D”  Small ears, not many of them. Poor crop.

Late sweet corn: “A”  I planted it on the Fourth of July, after I harvested the peas.  It came along quickly, and yesterday we ate some of the first of this late crop.  Some of it blew half way over from one of our frequent rain storms, but it straightened out and did well.

Early Peas: “B”  Average crop, but oh so good eaten fresh.

Carrots: “F”  Poor crop this year.  Must try something different next year. Different variety.? New approach to planting?

Peppers: “F-“  Nothing.  Not one green pepper, not even a little scraggly one.  Need a different variety?

Onions: “C”  Good crop but nothing to brag about.

Cabbage: “A”  Excellent crop.  Lots of good coleslaw.  Even a batch of sauerkraut that Natasha is brewing.

Swiss chard: “A”  Still harvesting it.  Doing great.  Beautiful plants.

Leaf Lettuce: “A”  Finally harvested the last of it.

Broccoli: “A”  Even with the hot weather it hasn’t given up.

Cucumbers: “A”  I Picked several cukes again yesterday.  I grow the long, slicer types.  Not the stubby pickling varieties.

Squash and Pumpkins:  “Incomplete.”  They are still growing and look to be an average or maybe a little above average crop.

Zucchini:  “No grade.”  I’ve been heard to say that if you can’t grow zucchini you’d best turn to basket weaving.  Every week another armful of zucchini.  Ruth makes loaf after loaf of zucchini, which she freezes.  She also makes some really tasty zucchini muffins with raisins.

Sunflowers: “A”  Ten feet tall with huge  heads.  I have a long row alongside the south end of the garden.  They add a splash of yellow to the garden.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Oh, the mysteries and joys of vegetable gardening.

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