Monday, November 28, 2016

Christmas Trees and Birch Wood

Sunday was the day.  Dark, gloomy, chilly. No bird song.  Quiet.  The day for the annual Christmas tree hunt at Roshara, our farm.  This year’s crew, Sue, Natasha, Dylan, Cory and I set out with a saw and lots of enthusiasm to find the perfect tree.  Really three trees for three families depending on this crew to find three perfect trees.

The problem is we have too many trees from which to choose.  Red pine, white pine, jack pine, Scotch pine, some Norway spruce and even a few Fraser fir.  The Fraser firs need a few more years to grow, so they were immediately eliminated.

I suspect we have planted around 20,000 trees in the 50 years we’ve owned Roshara.  Some are fifty feet tall, some are six inches tall.  But hundreds, maybe thousands are about the right size for a Christmas tree.

“How about this one?”  “Too skinny.”

“How about that one?”  “Too tall.”

“This one?”  “Few limbs on one side.”

In addition to the Christmas trees, Sue wanted some birch wood.  She had seen a display using birch wood, and it sold for $50.00.  We have a fair number of birch trees scattered around Roshara, so off we were on a search for some “perfect” pieces of birch wood.  Finally, after passing by several birch trees that did not pass muster with Sue’s discerning eye, we found just what she wanted.  Enough birch wood for a $50.00 display without any price tag at all.

And so the morning went until decisions were made and trees were cut, and birch wood was found.  When the morning’s hard work was loaded in the back of my truck, we all retreated to the cabin to warm up by the kitchen stove.

It was a great day, one to tuck away in the memory bank.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Something special about cutting a Christmas tree that you know you planted, and finding the "perfect" pieces of birch wood.

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