Sunday, November 06, 2016

In Celebration of Community Libraries

What a rare treat it was on a sunny, not November-like Saturday morning when I parked my truck in front of the Patterson Memorial Library in Wild Rose.  Steve heard the geese first and when we looked up a huge flock, more than a one-hundred I would estimate, winged over the library, and then proceeded to land on the millpond.  Then there was the sycamore tree, dropping its enormous yellowish brown leaves on the walkway to the library.  And finally the rose bushes, still in bloom on this weekend morning in early November.

Steve and I were at the library to discuss our new book, Roshara Journal, a book about our Wild Rose farm, which we have now owned for 50 years.  A book that included journal entries that I made when we first acquired the place and continue to write as the years passed.  A book that is filled with Steve’s four-color photos, taken in all seasons of the year, telling the story of the farm, in photographs.

Some 40 people turned out, many of them old friends, my brother, Darrel and his wife Marilyn, some cousins, and even one or two who attended Wild Rose High School when I was there many years ago.  I have spoken many times at the Patterson, my hometown library with Kent Barnard its able director. 

This past week, my major publisher, Wisconsin Historical Society Press, surprised me with a special celebration of my 125th library appearance. The celebration took place at the Rock Springs Library where I spoke last Thursday evening.  It is a small library in a small town with wonderful people who support their library and know its importance to their community.

I turn down many speaking requests, but over the years, I have always tried to include as many libraries as possible.  Public libraries are special places.  May they continue to be so.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Support your community library.  

Upcoming Events:

November 10, 7:00 p.m. Menomonie Falls Public Library. One-Room Schools

November 12: 9:30-11:30 a.m. Second Saturdays Plymouth Art Center, 520 East Mill Street, Plymouth.  Farm Memories From Yesterday. Sponsored by Sheboygan County Historical Research Center.

November 29.7:00 p.m. Sequoia Public Library, Madison.  Roshara Journal with Jerry and Steve Apps

Purchase Jerry’s DVDS and his Books from the Patterson Memorial Library in Wild Rose, Wisconsin (a fundraiser for them): 

The library now has available signed copies of Jerry’s DVDs:
 Emmy Winner, A Farm Winter with Jerry Apps (based on The Quiet Season book.)
 Jerry Apps a Farm Story (based on Rural Wit and Wisdom and Old Farm books.)
 The Land with Jerry Apps, (based on the book Whispers and Shadows.)
Also available are several of Jerry’s signed books including: Jerry’s newest novel, The Great Sand Fracas of Ames County. and Wisconsin Agriculture: A History.
Jerry’s newest books, Roshara Journal (with photos by Steve Apps) and Telling Your Story—a guide book for those who want to write their stories—are also available.
Contact the library for prices and special package deals.
Patterson Memorial Library
500 Division Street
Wild Rose, WI 54984

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