Sunday, December 11, 2016

Christmas at McFarlanes

When is a hardware store more than merely a hardware store? I think of hardware stores as places where you can buy nails and bolts, tools and wire, garden supplies and mouse traps, light bulbs and rope—all of that sort of thing. Stuff needed to keep a household or a farm running.

In Sauk City, Wisconsin, there is a hardware store, McFarlanes, that sells all of what I mentioned but, it also sells books. My books and those of several of my fellow authors in the area. It also is the site of regular, live radio programs that broadcast on 99.7 FM, (WRPQ) with studios in Baraboo.

For this season, the station is broadcasting a series of Saturday morning shows they call “A very Sauk Prairie Christmas Radio Show. December 3rd the show was about Christmas happenings in the Sauk Prairie area. Yesterday, the show was about Christmas on the Farm with yours truly spinning tales of what Christmas was like before electricity, when homes were heated with woodstoves, and all the farm kids attended country schools where the highlight of the year was the Christmas program. We mostly talked about the stories in my book, The Quiet Season.

Rauel LaBreche, does the radio show, and does it well. Great questions, great sense of humor. Knows what he’s doing. Rauel has a degree in fine arts from the UW-Madison. Oh, did I mention, he is also the marketing director for McFarlane’s.

The photo above was the set for the radio show, with Wayne Whitemarsh, Sporting Goods manager on the left, and LaBreche on the right. Whitemarsh is responsible for the book display, ordering the books, and doing what a bookseller does, besides his regular hardware store duties.

Upcoming Saturdays will feature local military veterans talking about Christmas when they were away from home for the holidays, and local pastor talking about the first Christmas. Stop by McFarlanes if want to relax for a bit on a busy Saturday morning. Watch a live radio show, and learn about more about Christmas.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Sometimes a hardware store is much more than a hardware store.

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