Sunday, December 18, 2016


It’s snowing. Again. Started Friday afternoon. A few scattered flakes drifting from a heavy, gray sky. Then a few more. None of those big, fluffy beautiful flakes. Just little ones. Lots of them. Six inches worth of them that needed shoveling.

People complaining. Cursing the snow. Wishing for summer. And winter hasn’t even begun yet, not until next week when it’s official. At least on the calendar official.

So an unpleasant time for those who are “stuck” with snow and winter. They complain. They must find something satisfying in complaining. Like being in the army and complaining. I was there. I remember the complaining. Remember it was the thing to do. That if you didn’t complain about army life you weren’t normal.

So is it normal to complain about snow and winter?

I must be abnormal because I rather like winter. The quiet. The beauty of a snowstorm. A time to slowdown and relax a bit. A time to celebrate Christmas and the end of an old year. All a part of winter in the North.

THE OLD TIMER SAYS: Complaining a little about snow and winter: quite normal. Complaining a lot about snow and winter: annoying.


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sidsemarie said...

So true Jerry... I do love the beauty of winter and I do complain when we have too much shoveling to do. The funny thing is that while I am outside shoveling I always have to pause and take some photos of the winter wonderland that I complain about!

Don R said...


I try to limit my complaining about the weather to only those times when it's trying to suck the life out of you: 90 plus F. or -10 and lower. It's harder and harder as I grow older. As my good neighbor Alfred always said, "The North wind is cold no matter what direction it's coming from."